Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter bunny arrested for riding a motorcycle!

Good morning economists. We have all heard the term "price discrimination" being used in the world of business. Price discrimination is when a firm or organisation charges different groups of people different prices for the same product. Indeed in most cases, price discrimination is deemed to be unfair and illegal. I have decided to coin a similar phrase from the behavior of police authorities. Fine discrimination arises from the discretion of the officer to give a ticket or a warning depending on the circumstance. Allow me to share a personal story.

Last week I was riding my vintage motorcycle which is incapable of speeding or being used in any other way apart from the occasional easy ride around the town. I was pulled over by an officer who requested license and registration. After providing the necessary documents, he proceeded to point out that if he really wanted to, he could have given me a fine based on the size of my license plate and the fact that I was not wearing a full face helmet. "The fact of the matter is that I can come up with any reason to give you a fine if I want to", he argued.

A couple of days later, I came across a news story of a guy who was dressed up as an Easter bunny, riding his motorcycle on the highway.
While the whole idea may seem ridiculously funny, the officer stopped the bunny because the suit was impairing his ability to drive and was a distraction for other drivers. The officer proceeded to issue a warning against the two legged creature who WAS wearing a helmet at the time.

Perhaps I should make a copy of the photograph and carry it with me when I am riding my motorcycle. If I get pulled over I can always come up with the excuse of "hey I am not as bad as this guy, and this guy got away with it in the end"! In the end, is the officers' discretion of giving fines to the benefit of society or is it just another example of discrimination?

Perhaps I should consider switching my riding clothes to a chicken uniform if that will keep the police away!

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