Thursday, February 14, 2013

How not to destroy your valentine's day!

Good morning economists! It was Valentine's day yesterday and like all couples me and my significant other decided to celebrate by doing something special. I had made reservations to what is arguably one of the best restaurants in Cyprus as it received numerous awards throughout the years. We had visited the specific restaurant in the past and we were nothing but satisfied with their service and quality of dishes. I especially liked the fact that ordering a bottle of wine was always followed by a ritual where the bottle was opened and prepared next to the table with special attendance to detail (checking the wine color and right temperature).

Yesterday we were very excited as we could not wait to witness the same kind of service and food quality. Unfortunately it was a huge let down. The food was nothing special and it was not even anywhere near the usual culinary treat that we were used to at that specific restaurant. Further, the food was served cold as it was left standing for a significant amount of time. You see the restaurant was offering a pre-set menu.

When we ordered the bottle of wine, there was no opening the bottle ritual whatsoever. The waiter brought us an already opened bottle of wine that I was not even sure whether it was freshly opened. To add to this, the waiter emitted a rather unpleasant bodily odor and at one time his shirt was hanging outside his pants! Hardly the valentine's day I envisioned.

Lesson learnt. Never visit a restaurant with a pre-set menu. They cook in bulk and as a result plates are left standing, usual rituals are not followed and overall the quality of service declines. Next time, either pick a restaurant that has its usual menu or arrange to cook something special at home. Where has the personalized service gone?

Have a nice day!  

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  1. It always seems that all this hight class places they can't respond to their customers standards as they do any other time.But what is confusing me, is the fact that they don't have so many customers any other time than the Valentine's Day? or it just happen to think that they had an event as a Greek wedding or christening? because such a service we find it in such places and not to a hight class places like this. my advice for such event as Valentine's Day best think is to make something special at home !!!!