Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An economist is a man's best friend!

Good morning everyone! Today I would like to share with you something that I noticed in the behavior of other people towards me in the last few months. In fact, this behavior can be summarized in the form of a story which happened to me the other day.

As the professor in charge of the student union at my educational institution, I was helping with the organization of the Christmas ball. I visited the venue of choice the day of the event to check out the layout of the tables and how the room was organized. Since I was already there, I asked to talk to the manager who I knew was an old neighbor of mine back in my flat renting days. In the two years that we lived next to each other we rarely talked, just the occasional "hello" and "how are you doing".

My old neighbor knew of my profession so when he heard that I wanted to see him, he invited me up to his office for coffee. Long story short, we basically sat in his office talking for about two hours about the economy, current economic events and the prospects of his business. I found it amusing and interesting at the same time, how this person who never really talked to me before, was opening up himself to me, revealing sensitive information about his business.

I asked myself, could it be that in difficult economic periods, demand for economists increases to the point that this affects their social life? Has the economic recession suddenly increased the number of people that I consider to be my friends?

Have a friendly day!

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  1. Complmnt proff. It is neccessary to get closer to those that have been economised before it compulsory for all.