Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can I have a Porsche Cayenne please?

Good morning economists! A couple of days ago, some fishermen were glad to think that they had caught something big in their nets at South China Sea. They quickly discovered that they had caught a...Porsche Cayenne!
The car was of course pretty much destroyed as it was estimated that it had been sitting at the bottom of the sea for at least 2 years. The fishermen ended up selling the car to a local scrap yard for $650 (shame really those alloy wheels are valued much more than the sale price).

It seems that through the South China Sea, smugglers attempt to sneak into China luxury items such as this car in order to avoid paying import taxes. The Porsche may have been pushed in the sea out of fear of getting caught by the authorities.

What a waste!

Have a great day.


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