Sunday, November 18, 2012

Public servant looking for a date...

Good morning economists! Back in September, I posted about the economics of dating. Yesterday night I was out for coffee with some friends and the discussion shifted over to dating classifieds in newspapers and magazines. I have always found this classified section of the newspaper interesting as I am intrigued by the choice of language and content that some people choose to include in their ads.

Traditionally, men tend to highlight their social status in order to attract women. Ladies on the other hand, place greater importance on physical looks in their classifieds as a means of attracting men. This behavior according to my old sociology professor is inherently tied to the fact that the man has traditionally been the breadwinner in the family. Social theory suggests that a relationship is actually a contract where two parties agree to an exchange of characteristics that they bring to the table. This contract, however, does not remain untouched by the current economic recession.
Classifieds nowadays have financial stability and security as the main highlight, for both genders. Public servants have always enjoyed the feeling of job security so there are literally hundreds of ads daily about public servants looking for dates. Indeed there are so many of them one may think that either the public service is disproportionately huge, or, that it is comprised solely of single people who are looking for a date.

But as the government is looking to fight the budget deficit, public service will undoubtedly shrink. Will that change the world of dating classifieds? (See pic above!!!)

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