Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is anticipation part of the consumption process?

Good morning everyone. today I would like to discuss the topic of anticipation. Think about just placed an order online for an item that you really want. Delivery through the post is about 5-6 working days. Because this is an item of desire, the anticipation to receive the item is building up during the wait period. In fact the anticipation is part of the whole enjoyment process (total utility). One can argue that this is what makes sites like Ebay so successful. Because they add to the total experience of purchasing and enjoying the item.
Of course the problem with such websites is that anticipation may rise to such a level, that it shadows any budget constraints so a lot of times people are overspending. I remember a friend of mine some years ago, bought an iguana cage off Ebay. Problem was, he never actually owned an iguana.

Consumer nowadays purchase more items online than ever before. This is not just because of the lower prices that can be found online, but also because anticipation has an overall positive utility.

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