Friday, November 2, 2012

Husband sues wife because she used to be ugly!

Good morning economists. Well this next piece of news is rather shocking. A couple in China was happily married and decided to have a baby. Once their baby daughter was born, the husband, Zian Feng, was shocked at how "freakishly ugly" the baby was. Further, the baby daughter did not look anything like himself or his wife.

At first, he accused his wife of having an affair and refused that the baby was his own. Since she came under pressure, the wife admitted that before meeting Zian Feng she had spent 100000 dollars on plastic surgeries. Here are the before and after mugshots.
The court decided to award 120000 dollars to the husband who felt cheated by his former ugly wife.

An interesting case we have here. Is marriage a commercial contract where people are judged according to the services they offer (including looking beautiful)? If so, apparently the price of beauty was estimated at 120000 dollars.

Have a "beautiful" day!


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