Sunday, November 4, 2012

How much money would save you from getting stabbed?

Good morning economists. I thought I could kick start your day with a rather weird fact about money. Money can act as a medium of exchange for your transactions, it is a measurement of value and a unit of account. But what other functions can money have?

I was watching an episode of Mythbusters a couple of days ago where they were testing how many dollar bills it would take to repel a stabbing knife. In other words, if someone came at your with a knife and tried stabbing you in the heart, how many dollar bills would you need to have in your pocket to prevent the knife from penetrating your skin? The answer apparently is 53 single dollar bills are enough to keep your heart safe. But this weird myth, is only applicable if the attacker chose the particular spot as the stabbing point. How many dollar bills would it take to totally safeguard you against an attack anywhere on your body?
Well, the average human skin has an area of 18000cm. The area of a dollar bill comes out to 103.39cm approximately. You need 53 single dollar bills to cover each point on your body. So to cover your entire body with 53 layers of dollar bills you will need 9228 dollars. Of course this result is based on the average human measurements. So if you have been complaining about those extra kilos or pounds that you want to loose, now is the time to do it. Strangely the human dollar shield will cost you less money if you weigh less.

By the way, you do realize of course that the information given above is to be used as a conversation starter. Please refrain from sticking dollars to your body. Someone can come at you with a gun and I do not have the answer of how much you will need to repel such an attack.

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