Monday, November 19, 2012

Do you shop while on the toilet?

Good morning everyone! A new survey by CashStar and Harris Interactive reveals that more than 38 million Americans have purchased stuff online while using the restroom. The same survey also revealed that more than 4 million people shop while driving!

Welcome to the digital age where people shop in all types of weird places. Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers as well as the rise of deals that can only be found online are the reasons for this phenomenon. If simple actions like going to the restroom complement shopping online (hey the restroom may be the source of inspiration for some people) then why not do it properly. Meet the new gadget that is a must for a new home...
Personally, I would like to know what stuff people buy while on the toilet. In what room do YOU do your internet shopping?

Have a relaxing restroom day!

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