Monday, November 5, 2012

Delivery man urinates on customer's front door

Good morning economists. Today I would like to discuss the issue of tipping. I remember the times when everyone would tip their waiter, delivery guy, hairdresser and pretty much any service provider without thinking twice. But those times have come and gone. Nowadays, people find it harder to leave tips because of the financial situation they find themselves in.

In the US, a tip based wage can be as low as 2.13 dollars an hour in some states. This means that a lot of people working in the restaurant business are dependent on customer tips. When a tip is not provided, it is only natural that waiters or delivery guys become agitated. A delivery guy in Iowa, took it to the extreme, when after delivering a pizza (and received no tip) he got his revenge by urinating on the customer's front door.
If you watched the video you probably heard that the customer knew that she could not afford to leave a tip before she placed the order. I condemn the action of the delivery man, but I also question the customer's decision to use the delivery service when she knew she could not leave a tip. She could have easily picked the pizza up herself or have a friend pick it up on her behalf.

The moral of the story is this. Do not use services that you know you cannot pay for especially when you are dealing with someone who handles your food. The opportunity cost, as you have watched above, may be greater than you originally considered.

Have a tipping day!

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