Friday, October 5, 2012

Stealing iPhone from a baby

Bonus post everyone! I simply could not leave this piece of news without comment. A CCTV camera caught an unidentified man stealing an iPhone from a 20 month old baby. Here is the video:

This gives a whole new meaning to the saying of "like stealing candy from a baby". Apparently the mother gave the baby the iPhone to watch "Barney and his friends" while she was shopping in the store. I just don't get it! Why would anyone leave a baby alone, in the mercy of every pervert, thief or passer by who could harm it?

Yes the thief is to blame and he should be punished accordingly. But as far as I am concerned the mother is also responsible for leaving her baby unprotected.

As a closing remark I would like to add that the iPhone is one of the most sought after items for stealing. In Japan alone $100.000 worth of iPhone 5 units were stolen just a few days before they were released. I am guessing, that took a lot more effort than the case above.

What kind of person would steal an iPhone from a baby? Have a nice weekend!


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