Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Speeding tickets and the end of the world!

Good morning economists. I am inclined to discuss today the whole idea of speeding tickets. I have mentioned in a previous post that the probability of someone performing a crime is largely based on the perceived chance of getting caught. In the case of speeding tickets, this is the opportunity cost of rushing to get to your destination.

There was a debate lately, that the police is entrapping drivers by hiding on bridges with radar guns and then communicating the license plates of speeding cars to colleagues who stop the driver 2-3 miles further down. While the police argues that this is not really entrapment as drivers should always uphold the speed limit, it is well within the rights of the driver to ask to be shown the radar gun with the speed that the car was traveling at. Obviously this is not possible in this case.

If your excuse for speeding does not work, you can always try writing a 10 page paper about the end of the world! That's right! A man from Kemerovo region in Russia, was caught speeding. According to Moscow times instead of paying his fine of $32 he wrote a 10 page paper about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world which is supposed to occur in December of this year. It would thus be redundant, he argues, to pay the speeding ticket.

In this case, a speeding ticket IS the end of the world!

Drive safely!


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