Sunday, October 14, 2012

Popcorn and zombies!

Good morning economists. Did you know that the popcorn industry is one of the few markets where demand is increasing during times of recession? As soon as the recession hit the US in 2009, cinema theaters were filled with eager viewers who were trying to avoid the problems of everyday life even for an hour or two. Consumers filled movie theaters irrespective of the movie quality (from Harry Potter to Jason Bourne) and since popcorn is a complement (is usually consumed while watching a film), its demand also increased dramatically.
The second strange story of the day comes from Detroit where in 2009 the number of unclaimed dead bodies in state morgues was doubled in a period of two months. It seems that the relatives did not claim their dead because they wanted the state to pay for the burial cost. Suddenly, the John and Jane Does of the world increased. Talk about macabre! Maybe this story was the inspiration for a prank sign that made its appearance roadside in Arizona.
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