Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meet the millionaire that refuses to spend money!

Good morning economists. A lot of people nowadays are looking for investments that will give them a high return and thus make them rich. A woman named Victoria, who lives in the US was recently featured in an episode of "Extreme Cheapskates" and has found the answer to becoming a millionaire. Victoria simply does not spend money.

How can this be done you may ask. It seems that the aforementioned millionaire, uses such techniques as showering in the local YMCA (free gym) even though her shower at home is working fine. Also she pees in bottles so that she does not have to flush the toilet.

Her family does not really approve of her lifestyle, especially when she goes scavenging for food in the woods. Anything that is edible, makes its way on the family's table.

Victoria is a millionaire in that she has millions of dollars in the bank, but in the end, would YOU live this way on your way to becoming rich? Talk about opportunity cost of money!

Have a toilet flushing day!


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