Monday, October 1, 2012

Louis Vuitton....condoms!

Good morning everyone. A while back I posted an article on fake Louis Vuitton bags and the conclusion there was that no matter the authenticity of the bag, others' perceptions of the bag holder's social status were the most important.

What happens when the knockoff economy (fakes) are taking the market a step further? During my travels abroad, I came across some really unusual items like a Chanel bicycle, or a Hermes mobile phone. It is interesting to see the innovative products the knockoff economy provides even though it is rather obvious that these products are not authentic. The latest creation was photographed by Donna Ivanisevic as part of a freakonomics contest and depicts the following:

I never realized that Louis Vuitton would ever be interested in entering that market, but apparently the darn things became a hit. Can the knockoff economy become the testing ground for designer brands? Something to consider.

Have a nice knockoff day!


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