Sunday, October 7, 2012

It takes a university degree to become a scarecrow

Good morning everyone. I wish you all a lovely week. Today I would like to discuss the story of 22 year old Jamie Fox, a recent college graduate from Norfolk England, who beat the economic recession odds and was recently hired to be the first human...scarecrow.

Apparently Jamie's duties include chasing partridges away from a field of oilseed rape. To assist him with his task he is dressed in an orange jumpsuit and uses an accordion and a cowbell to chase away the evil birds.

Though strange, Jamie's case brings up an important point. With the unemployment level of the under 25 year old group reaching a record level of 26% in most countries it appears that people in this younger age group are prepared to do any type of job to secure at least a minimum pay. The problem is that a significant time period will have to pass in order to witness a return on their educational investment. Jamie gave up looking for his dream job to become a scarecrow. How much is YOUR dream worth?

Have a nice day!


  1. Hi Constantinos!Wishing you a lovely week too! Indeed it's an example of what is going on nowadays reaching its peak during "economic crisis". So may topics though in such a tiny story ie the types of positiyon available, the age groups suffering, what it takes to fight this situation etc.Growing into talents is what young age groups of people need in seeking a job. There is a preparatory stage beyond a CV -especially avoiding a hastily-written and not-at-all relevant CV- that most groups are not aware of.Investment needs to take place for acquiring this info and helping them compete amongst the best in talent acquisition. Employers, on the other hand, should be looking for the skills, talent acquisition, not the degrees to get the company out of crisis.

    1. You are absolutely right Maria. Unfortunately the recession will have a negative impact on the labor market in more ways than just the obvious (financially).