Thursday, October 25, 2012

How much does a slap on the face worth?

Good morning everyone. Apparently these days a slap on the face is worth $350. Mawan Sombuntham, who co-owns Tata Massage in San Fransisco argues that a slap session will cause blood flow in the cheeks to increase thus making the face slimmer and the pores smaller.
Now I am not going to judge anyone for using this service. I do have a couple of observations though. How did the owner come up with the $350 price tag? I mean if price is the result of the interaction of the forces of demand and supply and the equilibrium price is indeed $350 then why not slap yourself silly when you wake up in the morning? You will save a whole bunch of money that way!

I can just imagine the following scenario. You have an argument with your friend, slap him on the cheek and then ask for $350. I just hope Mike Tyson doesn't get into face slapping!

Have a slap free day!


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