Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fake medical student upsets campus

Good morning all. We have all been asked at one point in our live what we aspire to become when we grow up. According to Otago Daily Times an unnamed individual at the at the University of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand aspired to become a doctor so badly that he was not disheartened when the University turned down his application. Instead, he started attending classes at the University without being registered and was doing so for TWO YEARS before Professors found out. He discovered the secret to free education without the burden of doing homework or taking tests.
The unnamed student was apparently very popular with his classmates and was attending classes regularly. He was cheating the system by not taking exams or submitting assignments mainly because the classes were so large. The student was also practicing at the local hospital by using a fake doctor's ID.

Talk about expectations and the self fulfilling prophecy actually not applying in this situation.Given the current recession, could there be more fake university students or professionals out there?

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