Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drug lord arrested for raising money to support anti-abortion!

Good morning economists. It is safe to say that most of us average people, have set goals at one point in our lives. Each day we strive to achieve those goals. But does the end justify the means? If you were given a choice, would you achieve your goals in an ethical or unethical manner. Of course we all want to be ethical, but what if your goals would be easily achieved if you behaved unethically while ethical behavior would almost guarantee failure? What would you do then?

Back in March of 2012, Michael Bennet Gardner, 58, from Australia, was sentenced to 13 years in prison because he was growing $68 million worth of marijuana. Last Friday, Gardner appeared in front of the judge appealing his sentence. He argued that he deserved a more SEVERE sentence of 20 years instead of 13!!!! During his appearance he was wearing a t-shirt which read "Abortion is killing". He argued that the prosecutor did not emphasize the severity of the actions of the accused and that he was growing marijuana to raise money for an anti-abortion campaign. His appeal was denied.

The case of Gardner raises this whole question of ethical vs unethical behavior. If you own a business and you uphold an ethical code, how would you react if your main competitor behaved unethically? In other words, what is the price of ethics?

Have an ethical day.


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