Monday, October 22, 2012

Brothel sponsored football team!

Good morning economists. I think it is safe to say that we will witness strange financial decisions in the midst of the financial crisis. For the rest of this week, I will present the most weird of investment choices and comment on their potential for success.

Voukefalas football club is an amateur club in Larissa, Greece, that requires around $13.000 yearly in order to operate. As fund sources are becoming scarce (especially in Greece) the club chairman found it difficult to refuse a sponsorship offer from a local brothel!. Villa Erotica, owned by Soulla Alevridou, offered to pay the required amount if the team agreed to advertise its "services" on a newly designed pink shirt. Here was the result:
  (photo courtesy of New York Post)

The players, who are mostly bartenders, waiters,  students and delivery guys, did not believe at first the choice of sponsor but were quick to revise their opinions when they saw the pink football shirts. The local league reacted by banning the shirts from the field as they were considered inappropriate for under aged fans.

Ms. Alevridou, is confident that the decision will be overturned and in fact attended a football match together with some of her....employees. As an aside, it is vital to remind that prostitution is legal in Greece but brothels must follow strict guidelines.

From an economic standpoint, that investment will undoubtedly pay off as news of this have traveled all over the globe and plus a football match is mostly attended by men who are potential customers. So hat off to the businesswoman who thought of the idea.

On the other side, the scandal of prostitutes that were found to operate without a license and were infected with HIV is still fresh in the minds of the people of Greece. Financially, it may look like a good investment. But should a good investment also be ethical?

Have a sporty day!


  1. Hm...not weird under these economic circumstances.Here's another awkward investment.Rumour has it that the owner of a funeral agency sponsored another Greek football team and the comment on the players' T-shirt was "this place will be your grave".Below the comment were either the name and/or the contact details of the agency.Go figure!

  2. You are right Maria. I actually heard about that one...from a colleague. Fun approach to an otherwise grim subject.