Thursday, October 18, 2012

Batman arrested!

Good morning economists. I was surprised this morning to read in the news that a person who was dressed up as Batman was arrested in Michigan for obstructing police work. Apparently the 33 year old was walking around in a cape trying to keep the world safe. He was trying to help the police to find a driver who was involved in an accident but fled the scene. The police did not appreciate his willingness to assist.

Sometime ago, Batman was also pulled over while driving his Lamborghini because he had a batman sign instead of a license plate!!Here is the raw police video. Funny thing is that the policemen are asked to be photographed with the superhero.

The world needs more superheroes nowadays since crime is at an all time high. Which actually brings up an interesting question. Do we need more volunteers to provide this public service (citizen protection)? And if the only thing these volunteers require is to wear superhero costumes, should they be allowed?

Have a superhero day!


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