Sunday, October 7, 2012

Auctioning off virginity for charity

Greetings economists! Although I do not normally post on Sundays, I came across an article today describing the attempt of Catarina Migliorini, a 20 year old Brazilian college student, to auction off her virginity as a means of raising money for charity. Admittedly, there have been other attempts in the past that created controversy of people auctioning off their virginity as a means of raising money. But the goal then was to raise money to satisfy other more selfish needs. 

Here is where the matter gets tricky. In the vast majority, society would normally reject such behavior as auctioning off people could considered to be unethical. Indeed, serious auction houses including Ebay do not go anywhere near such auctions. Does the fact that the "seller" is offering to donate some of the money to provide housing for poor families in Santa Catarina in her native Brazil make this action ethical? And if so what is the price of "ethical"?
The image capture above shows the current highest bid as well as the name of the bidder. Is the bidder a fornicator or a charity donor? 

The inclusion of the charity promise in the description will most likely increase the bidding price because it attempts to remove any negative labels for the winning bidder. 

Sad but true. Have a nice Sunday!


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