Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One picture is worth a thousand words

Good morning economists. Yesterday afternoon I was driving by a busy neighborhood in the town that I live in. The area is filled with coffee shops, restaurants and night clubs. The street was literally packed with people as September is still busy season in Cyprus.

My eyes wondered on a beggar who was asking for money as he was presenting himself to be disabled. (I say presenting because there is evidence to the contrary and this is the topic of another future post). This got me thinking. Who was the richest person on that busy street? I came across this picture the other day from my friends at "Trust me, I'm an economist" which I am reproducing as food for thought.
Net worth is basically the assets (wealth), that one has, minus the liabilities (what he/she owes). I will let the picture do the talking.

Have a positive net worth day.

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  1. Oh, if silver bullion was just as accessible as a hand sanitizer. The irony of life.