Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DJ discovers the secret of happiness

Good morning economists. Today we will talk about the happiest DJ in the world. The happiest DJ in the world is DJ der guten Laune or DJ of good humor as it translates to English. His real name is Christian and he is from Cologne Germany.

In an older entry, I posted a video showing Christian, illustrating the concept of utility. It was that particular video that made him popular. Here is a more recent video of him performing in a club.(The video is kind of long but you get the idea after a few seconds).
So why has this person become so popular? Afterall, there are millions of DJs all over the world. One answer might be that people find him amusing. I will argue that people actually envy him.

Just like all our decisions, our choice of work involves a Cost and Benefit analysis. In other words we weigh the positives and the negatives of our everyday routine. Working is a chore for some people which is offset by the money received as wages. In a sense the situation is balanced as the disutility caused by work is offset by the utility of the received pay.

Christian managed to tip the balance over to the Benefit side. He is not only receiving utility from monetary compensations, but also enjoys his work immensely. He has discovered the secret of happiness.

What type of job would make you happy?

Have a nice "der guten laune" day


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