Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crazy woman in Paralimni

Good morning everyone and have a nice week. Today I would like to discuss an incident which took place yesterday, Sunday, in Paralimni. I was driving on the main road when all of a sudden the car in front of me swerved to the right. Keep in mind that this was at very high speed because this was a busy main street.

I immediately noticed that a woman was walking down the left lane without showing any sign of concern about the probability of being hit by a car. I will not forget the blank look on her face when I was also forced to swerve. The cars that were behind me also managed to avoid hitting her but at least one of them came really close.

This got me thinking about the motivation of this woman who in the meantime was deemed to be crazy by everyone who was riding in the car with me. Could it be that this woman was so desperate so as to want the get hit by a car in order to seek monetary compensation?

Although a stretch, this scenario is not totally science fiction as a lot of cases like these are reported daily to the police (you can also refer to the "Beware of staged car accidents" article).

Is it possible that a sane human being would be willing to sacrifice her health for money? And how much money would it take? I have discussed the economic notion of opportunity cost or sacrifice in a prior post, but never before have I seen it exhibited in this way.

What is the price of sanity, I wonder.

Have a nice swerve-free day!


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