Monday, June 25, 2012

Why do people get angry? (Video)

Have you considered the factors that make you feel angry? Some of these may be long term. Some, may be instantaneous. You may loose control from one moment to the next and start behaving like a crazy person. Watch the following video from an office security camera:

This employee suddenly feels a sense of frustration from not being able to complete his assigned work. He retaliates by beating on the machine in a way that looks....well, crazy! But consider what is happening to his utility (or enjoyment) when the machine initially fails. He witnesses an initial disutility (or a sense of frustration). He does not react immediately. What really pushes him over the top is the toner accident which causes a further disutility, this time at an unacceptable level.

His exertion of brute force by beating on the machine is his way to increase his utility level back to acceptable levels. He obtains a sense of satisfaction from the particular action. Consider another example:

Here the cycle repeats itself but now the anger is driven towards a lawn mower. Remember, anger is just the feeling you get when your utility drops to unacceptable levels which differ from person to person.

Did you get angry today?


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