Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to Everyday Economics!

Dear fellow economist,

Thank you for visiting the Everyday Economist website. After several discussions I had the last couple of days with some colleagues and subscribers, I have decided to write a post to clarify the purpose of the Everyday Economist.

I am a firm believer of economic theories and how these are used to solve everyday problems. Economics is not limited to the study of money. Far from it. Money is only one example of a limited resource. Others include raw materials, the workforce, land, capital and time. Economics studies the decisions which involve these limited resources.

Deep down, there is an economist in everyone of us. Subconsciously we use economic theories every day and every time we need to decide on a specific action. Like psychology and sociology as well as a number of other sciences, economics seeks to explain human behavior no matter how unrelated that is to money or to economics as most of the people perceive the word.

Economics is all around us. In these difficult times, we cannot afford not to listen to our inner economist. For this reason, the Everyday Economist blog was set up.

There are in total, two blogs that run concurrently. The first blog is the one you are visiting right now. Please feel free to subscribe to this blog or follow by email (on the right). This blog is updated daily when possible or at least three times a week.

The second blog is related to macroeconomic events and can be found at:

This is my attempt to critically evaluate economic policy in Cyprus. Anglo Info is one of the most successful websites worldwide and it is a privilege to be writing for them.

I hope that you will find the information here useful. Keep checking back for updates and soon to come free giveaways!

Keep reading and have a high utility day!

Dr. Constantinos Charalambous
Assistant Professor of Economics
Head, Department of Research and Development
PA College


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