Friday, June 8, 2012

"Time is Money"

Have you caught yourself looking at the promotional leaflets the supermarkets are posting to your door lately? Or have you cut out a coupon from a magazine or newspaper?

It seems that people are changing their shopping habits. I was watching a program the other day on TV about families that were competing in getting the most discount when they were going shopping. I remember a particular scene where an entire family was going through literally hundreds of magazines cutting out and organizing coupons. I thought at the time that I would never have the patience nor the time to perform such a task.

The results, however, were no short of impressive. One family managed to get 95% off from the total cost of groceries. I recall the final bill was around the range of 1000 dollars and the family ended up paying only 50 dollars. This really blew my mind!

I thought to myself that this is literally the meaning of "Time is Money". The effort and time spent by the family going through the coupon magazines paid off!!! Suddenly it does not seem like a bad idea going through the special offers of the grocery stores every so often.

Have you changed your spending habits? And if so, do you find that you spend more time on deciding what and where to buy from?


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